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Timetable from Monday 5th September 2022

Our timetable of classes includes many types of dance and fitness for a variety of skill levels. 
We regularly update our timetable, so check back often to make sure you don’t miss out on a new class opportunity. 
All of our classes are payable half termly, usually in a block of 5-7 weeks.



7.30pm Level 3 with Jane


11.25am Gentle Ballet Fitness with Rachel - no jumps/turns, no ballet experience required. 

Great for pre-natal or those wanting a low-impact class

6pm Level 1 with Liz

7.05pm General Level with Liz


8pm Advanced Level with Liz

Ideal for professional dancers, performers and dance teachers, or those wanting a challenge!


10am Level 3 with Rachel

11.15am Level 2 with Rachel

Jazz and DanceFit


12.20pm DanceFit with Elizabeth

A mixture of body conditioning, aerobics and easy dance steps - no dance experience required.

2.30pm Jazz dance with Sophie

**STARTS SEPTEMBER** easy/general level


9.30am DanceFit with Elizabeth

All of the above classes are 1 hour in duration with the exception of Gentle Ballet Fitness which is 45 minutes.



6.35pm Level 1 with Sophie


1.30pm Level 2 with Sophie

8.15pm Advanced with Sophie


6.30pm Level 2 with Daisy

7.30pm Level 3 with Daisy


**NEW** Beginner level with Sophie

Starts 30th September

Class duration 45 minutes


Definitely not your usual Pilates class, Sharon has an imaginative approach to teaching, using small equipment in creative ways.


10.15am Intermediate with Sharon


6.30pm Intermediate with Sharon

Class duration 1 hour



9.30am Weight Training (all abilities) with Carl - 1 hour.


9.30am Body Conditioning with Carl (on Zoom) - 45 minute class.


9am Circuit Training/HIIT with Carl - 45 minutes (in the studio during the winter months, on Shalford Common during the Summer and into the Autumn term whilst the weather is still good!).

PT sessions with Carl can also be arranged

Wedding Dances

If you would like a dance choreographed for your special day, please get in touch.  It's advisable to make contact at least a couple of months in advance of your wedding date, if you'd like a choreographed routine.  Or if you'd like a couple of lessons to learn some basic moves, to avoid the awkward swaying on the dance floor(!), this can also be arranged.

​​​​Weekend Classes

Keep an eye on the website or our Facebook page for upcoming weekend classes.

Children's classes

Children's classes are taught by Sophie Hamilton.  Please visit for more information.

Explanation of levels

Beginner - no experience at all in the dance style.

Level 1 - you will have done a beginner class for a term or two, or you may have done a little a long time ago and need a refresher.

Level 2 - you will have be dancing for a couple of years and are confident in all the basics.

Level 3 - you will have been dancing for a good few years and are confident in all aspects of the dance style, or you may have trained to a high standard several years ago and have taken a break.

General level - somewhere between Levels 2 and 3

Advanced - speaks for itself!

Fitness classes - these are generally for everyone and can be modified to suit your ability.